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Budget Class



The Westview PTSA is excited to announce we will be offering a free student budget class on October 2nd, 2017 and October 9th, 2017. This FREE class will teach students basic financial principles which they can practice while they still live at home. This is what some of the attendees from the October session last year had to say about the class. “I learned, don’t spend it if you don’t need it, and keep track of everything you spend.” And. “I learned how to stay out of debt, and the beneficial differences between cash and credit.” Finally, “I learned how to make a reasonable budget.” “Please continue to offer this class, it should be mandatory for all students.”



The budget class will teach basic principles students need to begin practicing responsibility with money before going to college or life beyond high school. We highly encourage parents to attend so you hear what students learn and can help them practice while home before going off to college or life. 

Some of the topics include:


Financial principals and practices

Goal setting

Car purchases

College expenses

Cost of living in Rancho Penasquitos

Salaries for various professions

Credit cards


Saving and spending


It is a 4-hour class, split into two 2-hour evenings in room D101 at Westview.


Dates:  during the month of October - to be determined

Location: Westview classroom – D101

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Click here for the flyer.


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