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Mock College Tests (SAT/ACT)

2022 - 2023 School Year

Sponsored by the Westview High School PTSA

Students can take a diagnostic test similar to what is found on an actual SAT or ACT. The test scores from these mock tests can help students become more familiar with the actual test. The results sessions can provide feedback and instruction to help improve test performance.  


Westview PTSA is offering mock test dates for the SAT and ACT for the current school year. Mock tests are currently scheduled for the fall and spring (both virtual and in-person dates available). Click on the Information Flyer button below for test dates and to register. All proceeds will be donated to the Westview PTSA.

Cost: $35 – All proceeds will benefit the Westview PTSA

Hamilton Education in Partnership with Westview High School PTSA

Hamilton Education will be administering mock tests similar to what you will find on an official SAT or ACT. Students will be provided with digital and/or physical copies of a practice test and will be proctored through the entire test. These practice tests can help students become more familiar with the testing experience and get an accurate starting assessment score. We will also offer an Information Session with CEO and founder, Chris Hamilton, that will provide insight into the college admissions landscape and how to help improve test performance. We are offering either virtual or in-person mock testing (Westview Library) and information sessions (Staff Lounge) depending on the test date.



See schedule below for details. For each test date, students have the option of registering to take a mock SAT or ACT. Since we administer one version of the SAT and one version of the ACT, please sign up for either test only once.

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