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Westview PTSA

Staff Grants

Wolverine Bucks

We purchased reward items for our Wolverine Bucks store. The items we bought include Gatorade, cookies, pizza, chips, fruit snacks, and more...

Photography Filters

We purchased 15 filter sets for our photography students.

Wolverine Center Update

The Counseling Department has updated the Wolverine Center to make it a more welcoming place for our students. The updates included new furniture, decor, and organization. We have incorporated more school spirit in our space by decorating with our school colors. The majority of the grant was used to create a Wolverine Center Calming Corner. 

Language Translator Earbuds

We have acquired two Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds (Offline Package Included) as requested. We are now able to use these translators while interacting with students and families who speak another language. These translators work with 40 different languages and 93 dialects. One set is being used by the Counseling Department and the other set is being used by the Admin Office. We are grateful to have these tools to better serve our community.

Visual Arts Materials

The request to fund new materials for digital painting and illustration has been fulfilled. The funding has provided new materials that support current instruction for digital painting and illustration in addition to funding consumable materials used in the Visual Arts Department. The materials have been specifically allocated to Drawing & Painting 1-2, Drawing & Painting 3-4, Studio Art and Advanced Placement Studio Art courses. We appreciate the support in helping to enhance the educational experience of our students in the Visual Arts Department.

Lockable Storage Cabinets

We successfully acquired 4 Lockable Metal Storage Cabinets to help with storing sports team uniforms. The cabinets have been installed in convenient locations for our coaches, with one cabinet located in the concessions area of the gym and three cabinets in the concessions area of the stadium. The cabinets provide a secure storage solution for our coaches' uniforms and clothing, especially for those who are off campus. We appreciate the support in helping us provide a better experience for our sports teams.

Performing Arts Equipment

Three proposed requests have been successfully fulfilled. One tool request, one long term scenery request, and one request for other performing groups on campus. The tool request is designed to increase efficiency and teach different and specific learnable skills with our set construction in the shop. This impacts our quality of sets for shows, but also will impact the students enrolled in the Theatre Tech class. The stock set grant is aimed at supporting a long term goal of having set walls and platforms that will be reused over multiple shows and years, in order to save on construction costs and help keep a more even budget with shows. The scenery will help students learn how to build these pieces correctly, and will help train them in how to correctly and efficiently use the tools in the shop to construct them. The final request is aimed at supporting our Choir, Band, and Dance departments for their winter concerts. This request is a small cost for a high impact in their holiday performances, and will last for many, many years. All of the above requests continue to bring our theatre up to current tech standards in the industry.

Apple TV

We purchased an Apple TV for use in the World History and AP World History courses. The Apple TV has been connected to the projector and is now being used to digitally mark up pdf's, allowing students to see the annotations made by the teacher. This has greatly enhanced the analysis of written sources in the courses, and has provided a more visual and engaging learning experience for the students. We appreciate the support in helping us provide a better education for our students.

Robotics Equipment

Our Robotics team has successfully acquired the equipment requested, including the LCD TV monitor and the GoPro camera. With the help of these tools, we were able to run meetings more effectively and enhance the quality of our presentations during our 48 4.5 class sessions, weekly mentoring sessions, and quarterly outreach workshops. The larger monitor proved to be useful in group presentations, allowing everyone to view the materials simultaneously. Moreover, the new video camera helped us produce a high-quality video for the Impact Award competition, demonstrating the excellent skills of our students in communication and video production. Our team has achieved outstanding results in the FIRST Robotics Competition, winning the Chairman’s Award in 2021 (virtual year) and Engineering Inspiration Award in 2020, and we will continue to excel in the future.

Basketball Equipment

Basketballs to be used during ENS and at Open Gym on Thursdays at lunch. 

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