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Giving Tree

Westview PTSA's Giving Tree program serves two purposes:

(1) supporting Poway Unified Foundation's Giving Tree program, which lends extra help to Poway Unified families during the holidays; and 

(2)  partnering with Westview's Student Support Services to enhance their offerings to students.


We are looking for strong support this year as we gear up to serve our Westview families in need at the holidays and throughout the year. Our school is focused on maintaining positive relationships and keeping a close connection with our families, which is especially important for those families in need as a result of difficult circumstances, and who otherwise wouldn't have the resources to celebrate the holidays. This program provides a wonderful holiday experience for families at a critical time in their lives as well as enhances the offerings that Westview's Student Support Services can provide.


Please stop and think about HOW, not if, you can make a difference this year.

REMEMBER: your donations may be TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

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