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Student Club Grants

The PTSA offers grants of up to $150 to support student-run club activities. Grants can be used for things like tournament fees, travel costs, supplies, or other costs incurred in running the club and benefitting the Westview community.


29 student clubs were awarded grants in 2023-2024, including Quiz Bowl, Culinary Arts, Mock Trial, Catalyst for Success, Yail, Korean Pop Cultural Dance Club, MedX, Arab Culture, Academic League, Anti-Litter Association, and ASB.

Applying is easy!

Designated club officers can apply via email to with all of the following information:

1. Name of Club and Officers

2. Number of Active Members

3. Club Purpose/Mission Statement

4. A 250 words or less description about how the funding would be used to help the club with its mission, and how the funding would benefit the Westview community.

Grant terms

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year until funds run out.

Only one grant per club per school year.

Club officers must submit a receipt for approved expenditures and will be reimbursed via check from the PTSA, unless an alternative payment method is arranged prior to expenditure​

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