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December 2015 Newsletter

Todd Cassen, Westview Principal Message


Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is always a packed week for Westview students, comprising of float building, spirit days, a pep rally, a Friday football half time show, and, of course, the dance itself. ASB was eager to announce our cohesive Beatles theme, feeling that it was both a fun and sophisticated theme for the student body to come together and celebrate. During the week, each of the four classes worked diligently with students from their grade level to produce thematic floats. The senior class came in first place with their beautiful "Here Comes the Sun" float.


The Homecoming pep rally during the school day and the halftime show during the Football game continued to unify the student body, highlighting the talents of Westview's dancers, artists, ROTC, and other students who played a part in the rally or halftime show.


The Homecoming dance, the most climatic event of the week, took place on campus on Saturday, October 10th. In addition to the traditional aspects of Homecoming, such as live DJ entertainment, ASB introduced a series of "firsts" to the evening, most notably a student produced art gallery and live Beatles cover band. Over 20 students submitted their original Beatles themed artwork to be displayed at the art gallery. Three winners, one from each category, were also recognized: Derek Shafer for graphic art, Jenna DiCarlo for ceramics, and Sarah Henwood for drawing/painting.


Homecoming is undoubtedly a busy time for our students; ASB fills the week with a series of activities for students to embrace their school spirit and celebrate the new school year ahead!

Homecoming Week

Westview Community Members,


What a school year it has been!! With the support of the Poway Unified District, our Foundation, and the #1 Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) in the county, the students in our community are being provided with a learning environment which is second to none. The positive energy that has surrounded our campus this year has been infectious, and when you have the opportunity to work in a learning community like Westview it doesn't take long to realize how lucky we are.


One of the areas that I would like to focus on today are our Wolverine Volunteers. From student registration in August, to graduation in June our community members are there to volunteer their time to support our programs. I cannot think of a time when I have attended a Westview event that did not have one of our community members volunteering their time in some capacity. During the 2014-2015 school year alone, our community totaled 2,600 volunteer hours in support of our PTSA programs. We simply could not even come close to providing the opportunities we want for our students and staff without your support.


Thank you to all of you who have served our community as a Westview Volunteer!


Thank you, and Go Westview!


Todd Cassen


Live Healthy!

Take a moment to view the trailer for the movie Fed Up. If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to participate in bringing the full-length film to Westview, please send an email to Donna Pinto at

Donate Today!

Making a cash donation is a great way to support the Westview PTSA! Every dollar you donate goes to the betterment of our school, our Teachers/Staff and certainly to the Westview students. Your generosity will assist the PTSA to do our part to support an outstanding learning environment where every person on campus thrives. Click here to donate or learn more.​

Hello & Happy Holidays!


Thank you to each of you for taking the time to read our PTSA newsletter! More than anything Westview PTSA wants to provide valuable information and make a difference to the Westview community. Without a doubt, we could not provide a fraction of what we do for the school without everyone’s support.


Did you know that last year Westview PTSA received the President’s Award for the highest membership in 9th District? For the first time since Westview opened their doors, our PTSA membership is the lowest this school year. If you have not done so, please become a Westview PTSA member. We are targeting an additional 400 members, thus, every person matters. Joining is very easy and only $10! Please click here & thank you!


Kindest Regards,

Kari Shea

Westview PTSA President

Kari Shea, PTSA President Message


Farmer's Open
Live Healthy
Unity Week

Unity Week

Career Connections

This year, Westview Unity Week’s theme was all about stories. Students throughout campus last week were challenged to “know the story, know the person” before judging someone they knew. Through various activities from balloon-popping to pledge-signing, students were given numerous meaningful opportunities to spread positivity and acceptance around campus, and were encouraged to continue after the week’s end.


On Monday and Tuesday, sophomores spent their day in the gym, participating in our annual Unity Day. Led by the inspirational and engaging youth speaker Keith Hawkins, our sophomore Wolverines not only shared their stories; they were compassionate and caring with one another, and even listened to each other's’ stories as well. They made new lifelong friends in “family groups” and created a support system for both themselves and others that will last them throughout their high school experience.


As for our freshmen, juniors, and seniors, all of our wolverines had something to get involved in this week! Many of our upperclassman volunteered to facilitate many of the week’s activities and gave much of their time and energy to the weeks cause. On Wednesday, these facilitators shared their stories to everyone they talked to and encouraged their friends to do the same. On the last two days of the week, all students entered a quad filled with balloons which, in turn, were each filled with small compliment cards. When a student popped a balloon, they read the compliment and were challenged to “pass it on” to another student. Within a matter of minutes, the entire Westview campus was circulating with meaningful compliments and  positivity. After popping a balloon, students signed giant letters spelling “UNITY,” pledging to continuously strive to  “know the story, know the person.”

Career Connections

This Winter, the Westview PTSA is proud to host two career forums. These forums are an excellent opportunity to learn about careers. Students will hear from a panel of professionals and then meet in small groups to ask individual questions. January 11th will feature the growing Careers in Energy and Environmental Science. February 1st is our Medical Career Forum. Students must sign-up to attend. Click HERE to sign up and to see a list of speakers.

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