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Job Descriptions

Grad Nite Jobs & Responsibilities

The role of grad night chairs varies according to their needs. Chairs attend monthly meetings with other chairs & the PTSA 5th Vice President - Grad Nite Chair and Co-Chair. Chairs facilitate meetings with their own group of volunteers to plan & implement their tasks & responsibilities. Chairs coordinate their staff & manage their areas during grad night and set-up as needed. All Grad Nite Committee Chairs work together with the common goal of launching another successful Grad Nite.

Grad Nite Co-Chair

5th VP Grad Nite Chair

  • Previously held position as Jr. Parent Grad Nite Chair, ideally.

  • Coordinates all the activities related to Grad Nite at various events throughout the year.

  • Serves as the Westview PTSA representative for Palomar or PUSD Grad Nite activities.



  • Fill all Committee Chair positions and conduct committee meetings.

  • Participate in monthly PTSA executive Board meetings.

  • Sign checks, along with other PTSA finance officers when GN expenses are required to be paid.

  • Participate as Westview PTSA representative to the JUC organized by Palomar Council and PUSD.


Grad Nite Co-Chair

  • Coordinate with Chair all the activities related to Grad Nite throughout the year.

  • May serve as the WVPTSA Grad Nite representative when Chair is unavailable.

  • Coordinate calendar and meeting scheduling.


  • Assist with filling chair committee chair recruiting and selection.

  • Collect and maintain chair member list and job responsibilities/tasks.

  • Complete and submit the facilities request form to PUSD facilities for Grad Nite.

  • Maintain all produced notebooks for each committee chair member.

  • Maintain GN email address and Google Drive.

  • Begin brainstorming for theme for next year.

  • Coordinate Junior parent volunteers for Grad Nite tear down.

  • Coordinate Graduation Day water sales (and lei sales, if you choose) as a fundraiser for the next year’s Grad Nite.

  • Support Grad Nite.

Build/Design Chair

  • Design and build Grad Nite façade, and set-up gym interior and outdoor area.                     

  • Provide a scaled plan for any construction.                                                                                                        

  • Layout plan for all electrical needs.                                                                                                                      

  • See to all equipment rentals.                                                                                                                                 

  • Make supply lists and purchase items needed.                                                                                       

  • Oversee work to be done at warehouse and during build.                                                              

  • Provide schedules and to-do lists for build.                                                                                                 

  • Coordinate with food and entertainment for all layout and placement of activities and food.   

  • Work with Decorations Chair.                                                                                                                                 

  • Arrange meeting with Fire Marshall.                                                                                                      

  • Communicate volunteer needs with Volunteer Coordinator.                                                                     

  • Inform tear-down committee of equipment and other rental returns.

  • May want to have sub-committees for Design, Construction and Electrical.


Casino Chair

  • Responsible for organizing the casino. 

  • Contract with the casino company.

  • Facilitate casino set-up. 

  • Organize lesson for volunteer dealers before the event.

  • Give your list of needed volunteers to the Volunteers Coordinator.


Communications/Website/Social Media

  • To create a Grad Nite website and maintain information in electronic format and make it available on the web for others to access. The information should be pertinent to the Grad Nite event and should provide needed information for parents, committee members, volunteers and sponsors. The accuracy and integrity of the information posted is the responsibility of those providing the information. Any information provided to the Webmaster that is of question should be verified by the Grad Nite Committee Chair.

  • Promote Grad Nite via Social Media channels -ASB Twitter and PTSA FB page and

  • Promote fundraising events with chair of each event.

  • Contact Nexus advisor, to place articles in the school newspaper.

  • Contact PTSA Newsletter editor and PTSA web master to include Grad Nite information.

  • Important NOTE: Any communication sent out must be pre-approved by PTSA President.

  • Important NOTE: Any printed material must be pre-approved by Grad Nite Chair, PTSA President and Principal.

  Corresponding Secretary

  • Sends all thank you notes to donors and contributors.  Coordinate with Fundraising Chair.

  • Assist with obtaining Westview Facilities Requests for Grad Nite event.



  • Responsible for decorating designated areas in keeping with the Grad Nite theme.

  • Works with Build/Design Chair. 

  • Convey volunteer needs to Volunteer Coordinator.


  • Coordinates all entertainment (interactive games, carnival games, live acts). 

  • Coordinate with Ticket Chair to obtain permission slips or releases for all participants. 

  • Confirm all entertainment one month prior to event.

  • Convey to Recording Secretary/Facilities/Build Chair regarding electrical requirements.

  • Convey to Volunteer Coordinator number of volunteers needed/shift times for set-up and night of event.



  • Responsible for assisting with developing a budget and maintaining financial records for Grad Nite.

  • Includes processing reimbursement request and requests for payment to vendors.

  • Collect and track donations, fundraising income and ticket sales income and pass on to PTSA treasurer for deposit.

  • Maintain budget.


First Aid/Nurse

  • Nurse or medical professional to organize and staff the first aid area the night of the event.


Food & Beverage

  • Coordinate food & beverage contracts for night of Grad Nite.

  • Solicit donations for food/beverages to compliment the budget.

  • Coordinate how food will be cooked, kept warm & served.

  • Work with the school to use their kitchen, utensils and equipment.

  • Convey to Volunteer Coordinator number of volunteers/shift times needed.


Fundraising Chair

  • Coordinate all fundraising efforts and delegate duties to sub-committee for fundraising.

  • Report all fundraising. Give list of donors to Corresponding Secretary for thank you notes.

  • Fundraisers vary from year-to-year as needed.

The sub-committees may include:

Parent Night Event: 

  • Organize and promote parent fundraising event, whether it be an event at someone’s house, community center, or local business.

Family/Student Event:

  • Organize and promote a fundraising event aimed at families or students.

Restaurant Nights:

  • Set up restaurant fundraising nights at local restaurants.

Corporate Sponsorships: 

  • Solicit businesses to sponsor Grad Nite with a monetary contribution in exchange for publicity.

All Fundraiser Chairs should coordinate with Communication Chair to promote their event, and Volunteer Chair to recruit needed volunteers.


  • Mix of fundraisers to be determined annually in August by the Grad Nite committee.


History Board

  • Create a display of pictures, etc. on a tri-fold board to document and promote your Grad Nite to future years.

  • Incorporate theme.

  • Working with photographers.

  • Take pictures at Grad Night.

  • Edit and upload to a shared site.

  • Send secure link to student attendees within two weeks of the event.


Hospitality (Food for Volunteers)


  • Provide food/drinks for volunteers during the build and week of setup.

  • Provide food/drink for volunteers the night of the party to keep everyone going.

  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to request parent donations of food/drink.



  • Store Lost and Found items.

  • Coordinate a group of volunteers to staff the claim check area on grad night utilizing bags for the kids to drop off their valuables & prizes for safe keeping.

  • Obtain paper bags (one per attendee) for their personal belongs.

  • Check storage for surplus bags from previous year. 

  • Work with Tickets Chair to develop an ID system for and pre-label bags. 

  • Convey volunteer needs to Volunteer Coordinator.


Parent Notes/Congrats Boards

  • Organizes notes/congratulations from parents to be displayed for students during Grad Nite. 



  • Solicit and/or purchase items to be used for game prizes at Grad Nite.


Recording Secretary

  • Attends all Committee meetings, if unable to attend, designate another Chair to take minutes.

  • Keeps meeting notes and minutes and distributes to committee.



  • Organize security for the night of the event, including fencing, to ensure a safe environment. 

  • Convey volunteer needs to Volunteer Coordinator.

Tickets / Check-In

  • Coordinate the selling of tickets throughout the year to seniors.

  • Prepares flyer and email for ticket sales to begin when school registrations begins.

  • Coordinates with Chair in regards to ticket prices and establish gradual ticket price increase amounts and dates.

  • Works with Membership and Registration Chairs.

  • Prepares deposit of collected ticket money for Finance Chair/PTSA Treasurer.

  • Organize contests, promotions, etc. to encourage tickets sales.

  • Coordinate with Communications Chair info regarding pending ticket price increase, and/or any on-going promotions, etc.

  • Maintains a record of which students purchased tickets.

  • Maintains a record of which students have media consent, medical issues, who may participate in the show, and t-shirt size, and gives this info to the appropriate chair.

  • Prepare a list of attendees for Grad Nite Check In.

  • In June, the day before Graduation, obtain a list of ineligible students and make refunds to those families.

  • Coordinate with facilities to have tables and chairs for grad night check in.  

  • Coordinate with volunteer coordinate the number of adults required for check-in.



  • Prepare at least 3 designs for approval by Committee.

  • Coordinate with Ticket Chair to identify quantity and sizes. Solicit 2-3 bids for pricing.

  • Responsible for ordering and distributing at Senior breakfast and Senior picnic, packaged with Grad Nite Rules of Attendance.

  • Inform Volunteer Coordinator of volunteer needs.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinates all volunteers for the build (construction, decorating, painting) and the day/night of the Event. This person supports the committee chairs with their volunteer needs via

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for:

  • setting up the page

  • communicating on a weekly basis with Grad Nite Chair and Committee Chairs regarding volunteer status       

  • updating and managing as needed           

  • preparing volunteer requests, including the necessary link, for the Grad Nite Chair and Grad Nite Communication's Chair to distribute to Westview community      

  • giving volunteer numbers to Hospitality Chair for both the Build Crew and Grad Nite Crew         

  • printing final volunteer sign-in sheets from Volunteer Spot for builds and Grad Nite

  • purchasing and bringing volunteer name tags and pens to the Builds and Grad Nite

  • purchasing glow in the dark necklaces for the volunteers at Grad Nite, this makes it easier to spot them in the dark.

5th VP Grad Nite Chair
Buidl/Design Chair
Casino Chair
Corresponding Secretary
Communications/Website/Social Media
First Aid / Nurse
Food & Beverage
History Board
Parent Notes / Congrats Boards
Recording Secretary
Volunteer Coordinator
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