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January 2016 Newsletter

Todd Cassen, Westview Principal Message


Westview Community Members, 

As we ramp back into things at Westview, I truly hope you had a wonderful winter break that provided you with an opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends. I know that when I speak to our students about their break they always tell me their favorite part was, "hanging out with my friends". I remember those days well, and also remember how nice it was to get back to school and see the faces that I had not seen in a couple weeks. 

Looking ahead to 2016, I see great things in store for the Westview community. With the continued support of our PTSA & Foundation, our community has the opportunity to reach for the stars in creating a learning environment that meets that needs of all our students. Our goals have been set, our plans are in place, and now it is up to all of us that are connected to Westview to make it a great year!

Todd Cassen 



Membership is at the heart of PTSA and without a strong member base it limits what we are able to accomplish and contribute to Westview.  We need your help to keep our unit flourishing. The cost to be a Westview PTSA member is only $10 and we've made signing up really easy!  Go to then click on the Membership tab - that's it!

If you are a graduating senior and want to apply for a Westview PTSA Senior Scholarship, you must be a PTSA member by January 15, 2016. For further details about our scholarships simply visit our website, hover over the PTSA Etcetera tab and you will see Senior Scholarships.

Westview Ranks

Happy New Year!

Thank you for being with us to welcome 2016! January brings us a fresh start and the chance to focus on new goals for the coming year. It also allows us to look forward to the Spring and the tremendous opportunities ahead.

We have achieved so much together in 2015 and the success is possible because of you! Thank you for participating and for your commitment to our school and the Westview PTSA. With new projects ongoing, I hope that our achievements serve as an inspiration for us to thrive, bloom and grow together as a PTSA and Westview community.


Kindest Regards,

Kari Shea 

Westview PTSA President

Kari Shea, PTSA President Message


Westview Ranks Among the Top 100 High Schools in California and the Country!

Budget Class

PTSA Nominating Committee!

PTSA Nominating

We are happy to announce that Westview has recently found itself ranked as:


Niche also went on to give Westview an "A+" in the following categories: Academics, Administration & Policies, Educational Outcomes, Health & Safety, and Teachers. Go Wolverines!

Career Connections

This Winter, the Westview PTSA is proud to host two career forums. These forums are an excellent opportunity to learn about careers. Students will hear from a panel of professionals and then meet in small groups to ask individual questions. January 11th will feature the growing Careers in Energy and Environmental Science. February 1st is our Medical Career Forum. Students must sign-up to attend. Click HERE to sign up and to see a list of speakers.

Career Connections

This month we are forming the Westview PTSA Nominating Committee for the school year 2016 - 2017.  The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the Westview PTSA leadership. You will be pleased to know the time commitment is around 5 hours to include maybe 3 meetings. This committee has a tremendous influence on the future of the Westview PTSA and we are honored to have you consider participating. If this is something that speaks to you, please send an email to the Nominating Committee Chair Sue Melnick -  


Donate Today!

Making a cash donation is a great way to support the Westview PTSA! Every dollar you donate goes to the betterment of our school, our Teachers/Staff and certainly to the Westview students. Your generosity will assist the PTSA to do our part to support an outstanding learning environment where every person on campus thrives. Click here to donate or learn more.​

Flip the Conference Room

Flip the Conference Room

Westview graduates continue to give back to the school. One of the gifts from PTSA last school year was to "re-design" two conference rooms. Jonathan Palinkas, a Westview graduate volunteered his time for the project. The transformation is still underway and we invite you to checkout the conference rooms on his website: or visit in person.  We expect the project to be complete by the end of the month.   


Grad Nite 2016!

What an exciting year ahead of us all and there is possibly no greater eagerness than the Westview graduating class of 2016! If you have not purchased your Grad Nite 2016 tickets you may want to consider doing so before the price increase January 15th.  Go to the Westview PTSA website ( and click on the Grad Nite icon towards the bottom of the page.

Senior parent volunteers work together throughout the school year to create this entertaining and memorable night for graduating seniors. Please consider participating in the first Grad Nite 2016 fundraising event. Signing up is easy: 


Grad Nite

Supporting Our Westview Family

Westivew is a community whose strength is guided by the kindness and support we provide each other. Today we would like to ask that you consider extending this generosity to one of the members of our Westview family. For more information please visit their GoFundMe page by clicking this link.

Gifts to School

Gifts to School

Thank you to the Westview community that helped make the PTSA's holiday Adopt a Family program a huge success. We were able to help make 17 of our local PUSD's families' holiday season a little brighter because of our generous Westview parents, students, teachers and staff.  Thank you all for your thoughtful donations and to the PTSA volunteers who helped make this program such a success.  Please consider donating to this special program next year and to the upcoming Spring Food Drive.


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